Wayne Wallingford knows that one of the main responsibilities of a good legislator is to protect taxpayer money. He has consistently fought for fiscal responsibility, working to eliminate government waste and ensure Missourians’ freedoms are not infringed upon by bloated government bureaucracy. This year, he voted for a bill that would limit the growth of state spending, helping to avoid the boom and bust cycles that have placed an enormous burden on taxpayers.


Wayne knows that one of the most important ways to help Missourians recover in this tough economy is to reduce the burden of taxation. Wayne voted to phase out the franchise tax, an antiquated tax that penalized job creators and put a damper on economic growth. In the Senate, he will continue to work to promote tax relief for Missouri’s families and small businesses.

Stopping Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration is a problem, but our federal government has dropped the ball. Every day, more people are entering our country in violation of the law, and the Obama administration continues to drag its feet on enforcing immigration requirements. Wayne knows that we must work to ensure we have the policy tools to act at the state level to enforce illegal immigration laws.

Job Creation

Wayne will work to ensure our state has the tools to promote the creation and retention of family-supporting jobs using free market policies. Ensuring a consistent, predictable legal environment is one of the best ways to encourage economic growth, and Wayne has worked to implement reforms that will put an end to the junk lawsuits that discourage job creation. Wayne has also worked to support job training and education programs that will give our state the edge we need to attract new business development.

Small Government

Wayne Wallingford knows that smaller government is better government, and he has consistently worked to rein in bloated bureaucracy and eliminate red tape that burdens Missourians. By doing away with government programs that do not work and focusing on efficiency, we can save taxpayer money, protect our freedoms, and keep government out of the way of Missourians.

Protecting the Sanctity of Life

Wayne is 100% pro-life and has consistently worked to encourage more mothers to choose life for their children. He has supported every major piece of pro-life legislation to come before the House, including a bill that prohibits the abortion of viable children, ending the barbaric practice of late-term abortions in Missouri. If elected, Wayne will continue to work to make sure our state has the most comprehensive protections for the unborn.

Second Amendment

Wayne is a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association and has supported every piece of pro-Second Amendment legislation that has come before him during his time in office. He is committed to protecting our right to keep and bear arms and will continue to support legislation to protect our Second Amendment rights from infringement.


Wayne is committed to protecting and promoting our state’s largest industry, agriculture. Wayne is a member of the Missouri Farm Bureau, and he knows that a strong livestock and row crop industry is vital to our state and to our nation. He believes in the importance of family farms to our state, and he will work to protect them from regulations that threaten the agriculture industry.


Education begins at home with parents, and we have to work to emphasize local control and parental involvement in educational decisions. By working to reduce bureaucracy and improve efficiency, Wayne believes we can ensure a world-class education that will prepare our children to be productive members of society. Parents need to be more involved in education by taking an active role, setting goals, and engaging with their children; government bureaucracy is not the solution to our education problems.

Reducing Frivolous Lawsuits

Our lax tort laws are promoting the growth of the litigation industry, resulting in a flood of junk lawsuits that cost small businesses, families, and job creators an enormous amount of money every year. Wayne supports efforts like “loser pay” and joint and several liability reform that will help discourage frivolous lawsuits and ensure a fair, predictable legal climate for Missourians.

Supporting President Trump’s America-First Policies

Wayne stands behind President Donald Trump 100% and will do everything possible to ensure that the President’s “Make America Great Again” agenda is implemented in Missouri.  While D.C. has been unwilling to take action, Wayne knows that we can take the initiative at the state level and help President Trump transform our nation.